Botanical Drawing, Folklore and Storytelling at Hearts and Flowers, Brighton

These botanical drawing workshops are being held over the summer 2021 at the magical plot of Hearts and Flowers, Stanmer Park, on the outskirts of Brighton.  


They offer an opportunity to scientifically render a chosen seasonal flower found within plot's cutting garden, whilst also learning a little bit about the folklore and stories that go along with it.  


The chosen flowers for these workshops have been the ‘cornflower’ (Centaurea cyanus) and the 'dahlia' (Dahlia pinnata).

The first session on cornflower is on July 13th and the second session is on 28th August 2021.

For bookings, please click here:

5.30-8.30pm Tuesday July 13th

11-2pm Saturday September 18th


In this series of drawing ‘sits’ you will learn the botany of the chosen flower, pick the one you are going to draw, observe it and render it, learn of its folklore and healing properties, narrated through storytelling whilst you sketch away.


We will close the workshop with an opportunity to pick a bunch to take home.