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Communicating law through creative methods, is at the core of The LORE School.  Whether it be telling the folklore of a flower in order to share a wider tale of the origins of law, or a course dedicated to understanding land rights through making soil-based art works, we intend to bring creative processes in to the teaching and understanding of law.

For instance, in 2021, we collaborated with Hearts and Flowers, Stanmer Park, on the outskirts of Brighton, bringing botanical drawing workshops to their magical plot. We offered participants an opportunity to scientifically render a chosen seasonal flower found within plot's cutting garden, whilst also learning a little bit about the folklore and stories that went with it.  The chosen flowers for these workshops were the ‘cornflower’ (Centaurea cyanus) and the 'dahlia' (Dahlia pinnata), where the myths and lore connected to the flowers allowed the participants to see the customs and rituals connected to the land with the lore, which then have become part our understandings of rights, ethics and justice.

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