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The LORE School is a law and arts organisation that seeks to provide legal literacy to communities who typically find the law inaccessible, through creative and nature-based teaching, advocacy and research.

The LORE School is a research-based organisation, with legal expertise in the fields of public, environmental and property law, and human rights.

We engage with communities of all ages, from children, to young people, to the elderly; and of all backgrounds, particularly economically, culturally and socially marginalised groups in the UK.  We run courses, workshops, events, advocacy and research-based projects that seek to give access to justice and ways of understanding the law as a form of empowerment.

We seek to teach of the ecological origins of law by being with and observing natural processes, through creative practices.  The social origins of law are found within folklore and traditional indigenous understandings of the natural world, and we believe a better world can be realised through allowing these natural connections with law to be relearnt. Our courses, workshops, advocacy and research, offer an insight into how to reconnect with law through art and nature combined, instilling a creative-scientific, embodied and imaginal experience of law as empowerment.

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